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Edinburgh Gateway

The Edinburgh Gateway train station (EGY) is (as of December 2016) the latest addition to the public transport network in Edinburgh. Although described as a 'gateway' it would perhaps be more accurate to describe it as a 'bypass'; the main point of the station is to allow passengers from the north (Fife, Perth, Dundee, Inverness etc) to get to the airport and join the trams without having to travel all the way into the city centre then out again.

What Is Edinburgh Gateway?

The new Edinburgh Gateway railway station cost around £41 million and is part of the wider Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme (EGIP). It has two 265m (10 car) platforms and 1500m2 of "concourse and circulation" space. There's a footbridge to the tram station and 104 cycle spaces.

The station is also accessible from the nearby Gyle Centre via an underpass beneath the A8. However this seems to have been designed mainly for pick up/drop off - it's not clear how much (if any) car parking space is available at the station.

Where Is Edinburgh Gateway?

The new station is situated just off the A8 in Gorgar, a few miles west of the city centre. It's close to the Gyle shopping centre, but other than that you're not likely to want to leave the station unless you know or are visiting someone nearby; despite some buildings of historic interest, Gorgar isn't one of the city's greatest tourist attractions.

The Future

There are plans for adding an additional rail line to the north of the airport which will allow trains coming from Glasgow and the West to link directly with Edinburgh city centre, passing through the Gateway on the way.

It's also hoped that the new station can become a "catalyst for economic investment and local development". We shall see.

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