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The Edinburgh Woollen Mill

Edinburgh Woollen Mill (EWM) is today a well known clothing chain with branches around the UK. However it began from much humbler origins.


The company that became EWM didn't initially sell to the public. It began in 1946 as the Langholm Dyeing and Finishing Company working with yarn for the trade. The move into retail didn't happen until almost quarter of a century later. In 1970 the company opened its first shop in Edinburgh's Randolph Place.

The company had a number of owners, however following a management buyout in 2001 it was gradually taken into private hands, becoming an independent business owned by Philip Day and the Day family.

The company expanded and is now a group and over the years has bought up other high street names including Ponden Home, Proquip and youth oriented Jane Norman.


Edinburgh Woollen Mill today has 265 mainstream high street stores, 88 speciality tourist shops and 27 'destination sites'.

The company describes its target customer as being 45+ and appreciating 'ageless style'. Among the brands you can buy through EWM stores are Isle, James Pringle and The Cashmere Shop.

Where To Buy

At the time of writing The Edinburgh Woollen Mill has ten outlets in Edinburgh itself so it shouldn't be too hard to find one. However the outlets aren't necessarily branded as Edinburgh Woollen Mill - they're often other shops that stock EWM products. Easy to find examples in the city centre include Hector Russell, Gleneagles of Scotland and James Pringle Weavers on the Royal Mile along with Forever Scotland on Cockburn Street and Hector Russell on Princes Street.

This page last updated: 11-11-2016