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Our Dynamic Earth

Our Dynamic Earth (usually just shortened to 'Dynamic Earth') is one of the most popular attractions in Edinburgh, both with tourists and local children. Local schools often take groups there for an experience that is both educational and fun.

Where Is It?

Our Dynamic Earth is slightly out from the main tourist section of the Old Town but only a few minutes walk. It's situated near Holyrood at the eastern end of the Cowgate. The easiest way to ge there is probably to take one of the little closes from the Royal Mile to the Cowgate then head on down. Or you could go to the bottom of the Mile and around the Parliament building to the south.

The attraction is also served by some of the hop-on, hop-off tour buses. Car parking is available and currently (July 2015) costs £3 for the first 3 hours and £1.50 for each subsequent hour.

What Is It?

So what is Our Dynamic Earth? What do you get to see?

The attraction is a history of the planet. The location is appropriate being overlooked by the Salisbury Crags which inspired James Hutton, the 'father of modern geology'.

An assortment of exhibits takes you through the world's history and shows how it was formed. These are described as a '4D experience' as they guide you through time and history.

There is a lot of interactivity and audio-visual content in Our Dynamic Earth. There's even a room with a giant lump of ice! It's the sort of thing clearly aimed at youngsters, old fogies like me might find it all a bit too 'in your face'. Personally I'm happy to take kids there but wouldn't go on my own.

Times and Prices

Times and days vary according to season. From November to March Our Dynamic Earth is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, for the rest of the year it's open seven days a week.

Opening time is 10am, closing time is 5:30pm or 6pm during July and August. But note that last entry is an hour and a half before closing - and there are often queues. So aim to get there early to be safe.

As of July 2015 the admission price is £12.50 for an adult (16+) and £7.95 for a child. There is also an annual Explorer Pass for regular visitors. As far as I know there's no discount Family ticket available.

This site is not associated with or endorsed by Our Dynamic Earth. Details may have changed since this page was written. Contact the venue for latest information, opening times, prices and ticket buying.